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Amateur Radio

My amateur radio callsign is KR2F and I am an extra class license holder.
One of the last 20 W.P.M. extras, I was originally licensed as N2AJZ in 1978.

My Elecraft K1-4 during construction.

FISTS member #4582
FISTS logo ARRL Logo For more information
on amateur radio
check out the A.R.R.L.
(American Radio Relay League)

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Orion Nebula Jupiter M13

Here's an interesting alternative, or as for many,
a fantastic supplement to having your own telescope.
What if I told you that for a small yearly fee,
you could observe from an ON-LINE series of telescopes which were...
A) larger than anything you probably could afford, and ...
B) in an ideal high-altitude, dark sky location which you probably wouldn't have access to anyway?


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